Music Imagery Psychotherapy

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Music Imagery Therapy

I am in the advanced stages of training in Music Imagery Psychotherapy Therapy, Guided Imagery in Music, through The Association for Music and Imagery and am authorized to practice on a low-cost basis under supervision.   I work from a studio in Hove and offer an initial consultation to determine how it this therapy may meet your needs.   Sessions typically last one and a half hours and are at a reduced rate of £40, (full cost £70).   Please email me for further details.  

What is Music Imagery Psychotherapy?

Many of us feel the power of listening to music, where if we allow it, its effects may touch our emotions or stir our imagination.  Music Imagery Psychotherapy, created by the renowned American Music Therapist Helen Bonny, utilizes this phenomenon in a safe, structured, clinical setting.  

In Music Imagery Psychotherapy, following a detailed consultation, clients are invited to lie down, listen to and engage with specifically chosen music in a relaxed state, facilitated by the therapist.   The music creates a gentle but dynamic exploration of the inner world, towards psychological growth and greater well-being.    Usually, this process unfolds over a series of sessions which are agreed in advance following the initial consultation.  

The growing research base within Music Imagery Psychotherapy points to the unique capacity of music within this setting to evoke imagery, the language of our inner life – whether dreamlike pictures, sensations, emotions or memories. In these sessions, such deep responses to music may be experienced in a safe, supportive way, both during the music listening and during the following reflective discussion and if desired, image-making.   It is therefore considered an effective therapy for clients with the following issues:

Feelings of depression or anxiety

Relationship problems

Experiencing times of confusion or loss

Following a bereavement

Living with a terminal illness

Looking for a different direction or meaning to life

Wishing to tap into creativity or simply exploring feelings which may be hard to put into words