Testimonials for music therapy


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Testimonials for Music Therapy

Excerpt from an account written by a  freelance journalist (hired by a provider of social care for adults with epilepsy and learning difficulties), who observed a session.   To read the full article click here.  

‘Ian’s half-hour session with experienced therapist Cathy Rowland is a place of sanctuary for him.  A time of calm.  He’s allowed to set the agenda, to choose the instruments, and Cathy carefully and tenderly accompanies him and supports him in what he chooses to do.   Ian’s participation will depend on a variety of circumstances, not least his recent seizure activity.  But to see his smile and his obvious enjoyment is to confirm the huge value of this therapeutic intervention.’   


The comments below are from a mental health patient James, and his ward manager, describing the impact of group music therapy during his stay in a medium secure unit.  To read the full report click here        

Music Therapy lifted my spirits.  It was great fun and has encouraged me to play more in my room’.    (James).   

‘James’s mood and behaviour have improved gradually over a number of weeks.  James has learned to listen and communicate effectively without overpowering other members of the group’.   (James’s ward manager)


The following comments are from a parent asked to feedback about music therapy for her daughter, (who has profound and multiple learning difficulties).   This work was part-funded by Jessie’s Fund.

‘Jenny has really enjoyed the music therapy sessions.  I have noticed that she uses her hands more outside of sessions now too, which previously she had found very difficult to do.    The main benefit of music therapy has been the opportunity for Jenny to express herself.   This has been particularly powerful after stressful illnesses and hospital admission when she has been able to express herself in a particularly emotionally charged way.  I feel she gains a real sense of accomplishment from what she achieves, which she rarely experiences outside of the sessions due to her complex needs.  Thank you Cathy!’  


The comments below are observations from teachers of children who received between 10 and 20 individual music therapy sessions in a special school.   To read the full reports click  here  and  here

‘Jack has been ‘calling’ rather than screaming and shouting.   He seems much calmer and more focused after a session.’

‘Music Therapy is such an important strand of Katie’s communication experience.   I feel it’s helping her understand and unlock her world.   Thank you!’

‘On Friday morning when John is crying and screaming, the appearance of Cathy is enough to produce almost instant calm now.   Music Therapy is a very important part of his life.’


The comments below are from a feedback form completed by a parent of a child with severe learning disabilities who received individual music therapy at school.  

‘Jane appears less frustrated and happy to take turns in games etc.  She is also trying to make different sounds herself.  I feel you managed to tap into a part of  Jane that no one has done so before.’


 All names here have been changed